Great Reasons to Visit

Join us at Between The Lines

We’re proud of our work and are happy to show it off to anyone who visits.

Follow the journey from Grape to Glass. It's a personal experience and a tailored signature winery tour. With your own guide, you will explore the vineyard and learn what it takes to grow some of the best wine grapes in Niagara.  

As you tour our winemaking equipment in its entirety, you'll learn about our process of picking the right grapes, as well as how to ferment them into wine. By the end of the day, you’ll be a winemaking pro! But we save the best for last; at the end of the mouth-watering tour we’ll pop a cork or two and let you sample from our beloved collection of wines.

Our tastings and tours are available anytime Monday thru Thursday. If you’re planning to visit on a weekend, we kindly ask that you book in advance by calling or emailing us at the contact details below.

Grape to Glass Tours: $10/person

Sunday - Saturday:

  • 11:00 am
  • 12:00 pm
  •   1:00 pm
  •   2:00 pm
Space is limited on the weekend, Please Book Here.


We have a tour for everyone:

For more information:  Call 905.262.0289 or email

Let’s skip to the good stuff

Tastings are $1 per pour

We have a vibrant atmosphere and lots of winemaking knowledge to pass on but sometimes you just want to skip the chit-chat and cut to the chase. No judgment here.

Pick any of our wines and enjoy a simple wine tasting where we’ll tell you more about your selections and answer any questions you may have.

Walk-in. No reservation required. Buy 6-bottles get 10% off. 

Cheese Box to Go

Hungry? There’s a cheese for that.

All Day & Every Day  The BTL Cheese Box is a perfect to-go snack for two to four people. Four artisan cheese portions individually wrapped are selected for their freshest quality. Find it in our to-go cooler.  $19.95 plus tax.