Origin Sparkling Wine

Origin Sparkling Wine

11%alc./vol. 3 x 250ml

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Origin Sparkling Wine

Type: White wine - Sparkling 

Variety: Vidal

Description: Crafted with a kiss of Vidal Icewine, Origin is a pale gold with aromas of bright stone fruit and citrus. A crisp acidity runs across the palate to give a lingering and refreshing finish. A fine balance of sweetness and perlage, the mouth feel is savoury, soft, and smooth. 

Tasting Notes: The palate experiences a sweet effervescence of peach, apricot, and honey and a clean citrus finish

Total Acid: 7.5 g/L

pH: 3.3

Residual Sugar: 40 g/L

Pairs With: Serve with cheese and charcuterie plates, coconut shimp with mango-peach sauce, or fresh fruit.